Why I Love Books So Much!! 
Written by Amelia Love on Jan. 3rd 2019
I love books, I adore books. I would not be who I am today without books like these. But many of my clients ask me how come when they read a book, as much as they enjoy it at the time, why it doesn't have the permanent effect that they desire.
The answer is simple, yes these book's are written by extremely wise and knowledgeable people. But if you have not cleared the space within, and dealt with preexisting toxic baggage from the past. The precious information contained within the books will only stay in your conscious mind. By clearing out the subconscious you will then find it easier to retain this amazing information when you need it most. Lots of Love

Amelia Love

Amelia Love helps women over 35 to be happy! Permanently.  

She is an expert at helping people to gain inner peace and to enjoy lives that are filled with joy she is great at making things super simple to understand.

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