This I What Some Of My Clients Say..
And Yes.. All Their Names Just Happen To Begin with The Letter J!!
Jennifer is married to a plastic surgeon, has two children, and is a jewelry designer. She produces bracelets and other items, that are hand-made in Guatemala by women that she knows personally. She believe's in ethical fashion, and producing beautiful high quality products. Jennifer previously ran a multi million dollar platinum, diamond and pearl, bespoke jewelry company in Manhattan, NY.
Jaclyn is a television anchor on FOX NEWS, and has held that position for over 14 years. She loves going to the gym and adores fashion. Jaclyn has a wonderful husband, and is a dog mummy. At 35 she is one of my youngest clients. She loves to travel and enjoys the sun almost as much as me!
Jocelin, is very driven and stylish. She has a degree in fashion merchandising and previously worked in the I.T. industry as a software trainer. Jocelin recently worked for luxury brand, Escada as a style consultant. She is happily married and currently getting ready to start a new company called
She is originally from Washington and now lives in Atlanta, Georgia. Her husband is a hairstylist
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