Elisha Bravo

Super Coach

Elisha has been studying and practicing the work of self development and holistic healing for over 10 years. 

She has dedicated her life to learn, be and do for others in her highest capacity. Her greatest desire is to help people overcome the traumas of their life that create blocks in their thoughts and emotions. To truly heal once and for all, from the inside out.

Elisha Bravo is one of the most powerful, compassionate women you will ever encounter.

She is 43 years old, born and raised in Southern California where she currently resides.

Her greatest achievement is being a single mother to three amazing children. She loves traveling to different countries and strives for her children to have her adventurous spirit.

She started in the workforce at the age of 16, becoming a CEO of two companies by the age of 27 as a Mortgage Broker. Her oldest son, at the age of 11, developed a tumor in his throat.

He ended up in the cancer ward at CHOC children’s hospital. She immediately turned all of her focus to learning everything she could in the holistic medical field. She became fluent in The GersonPlus Therapy protocol with Dr. Dan Rogers, as well as getting certified as a Cancer Project Chef under Dr. Neal Bernard’s PCRM, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. 

Her son is now 20 years old completely healthy and whole. With her knowledge and support, her sister also overcome an aggressive form of breast cancer. 

She opened True North Health Partners in 2010, where she went on to share healing products for holistic health. She created the Mountain program to be used on all heath issues, including Cancer.

To date, Elisha has now graduated more clients than Amelia Love herself!! 

She truly is a Super Coach!!

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Eunice Cervantes

Master Coach

Eunice Cervantes has devoted her life to provide others the opportunity to heal.

She is 32 years old, born and raised in Dallas, Texas, where she currently resides.

Eunice greatest achievement is obtaining a Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology.

She loves to travel and loves to tap into her inner child while playing with her niece.

Eunice spent 5 years focusing on her personal growth and learned the importance of healing through becoming more self-aware and learning to be more responsive and less reactive. She was able to apply all that she learned as an Emotional Intelligence Coach and Trainer. She has spoken and presented at several regional and national conferences on the subject.

She had reached a certain level of happiness on her own and knew there was still something holding her back. She asked God, to guide her to the right person to help her. Amazingly she found Amelia’s happiness program. Through the glory of the 5- step diamond process Eunice was able to heal sexual trauma, learned true self-love, and activate her intuitive gifts. She was able to find the path to true unconditional love.

Now she feels blessed to have the opportunity to provide the same support to her clients.

Eunice is also Vice President of Empress Evolution which was established by 
Amelia Love in 2019.

Jessamyn Rowe

Master Coach

Jessamyn Rowe, empath, coach, mother, and psychic intuitive is passionate about health, wellness, and cultivating true happiness. 

At an early age she was surrounded by holistic medicine and open-minded spiritual leaders and role-models. Now at the age of 36, she is grateful to have had such an upbringing, it helped her develop a strong sense of self and an attitude of independence to be proud of. 

In 2013, Jessamyn became a certified Holistic Health Coach and continues to attempt to satiate her insatiable curiosity by educating herself in a variety of healing modalities.

Before she found Amelia’s Happiness Program, she considered herself to be an 8 out of 10 on the happiness scale. She had relentlessly been applying herself to launching her own business and breaking out of a toxic marriage but kept running into blocks and even with all of her gifts wondered why this kept happening. 

One night, she asked God to show her what she needed to see and guide her so she could finally break free of these limitations. That evening, she saw a post Amelia had created that described her and her situation to a T! On her discovery call every cell in her body knew this was the path for her. She devoted herself wholly to the program’s regimen and by the end of the program the Holistic Health Coach in her knew she wanted to use her gifts to be a part of this brilliant process and help others heal from past traumas, generational patterns, and break free from self-defeating limitations. 

Since graduating Amelia’s 5 step Diamond Process™ Happiness program, Jessamyn now lives life at a 10+, continues to find more things to love about herself, and finds that coaching others through the process cultivates a great sense of joy, fulfillment, and a deeper awareness of unconditional love for humanity.

Jessamyn also hosts the podcast
 Jessamyn Shows

"You can live the life of your dreams"

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