"My Clients Seem To Have It All..
But They Know There Is More!
They Feel Like Something Is Missing..
What's Missing Is Inner Peace And True Happiness.."

Do YOU Want To Be Happy Permanently Now?

I Help Determined Women, Over 35 Learn How To Be Happy!! Permanently! 
Using My 5 Step Diamond Process™

  • Career: They earn good money, but are not necessarily feeling fulfilled 
  • Relationships: They have great friends,family, and maybe a loyal partner
  • Home: Their life is stable, it enables them space to realize that something is missing
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Hi, I'm Amelia Love 

At 9 months old I was walking and talking and I've always had a near photographic memory. 

My mother would be embarrassed when she took me to mother and toddler groups, as I would try to assist the other children. Walking around picking up their toys and saying "here you are!"

I adore finding solutions
my friend's call me 'The Fixer.' 
I grew up in London, England, and was a bit of a socialite, spending nearly two decades in the music and entertainment industry.
 I was a wild child, to say the least, leaving home at 16, my mother says I have always 
"just done my own thing.

Which probably explains why through much pain and hardship caused by medical issues and complications.

I discovered the secret to happiness and inner peace! 

"It Took Me Over 20,000 Hours Of Study 
To Discover This Secret"

Is less then 15 minutes.
So perfect for those that are busy.
I give a clear breakdown of my 
Unique 5 Step Diamond Process™
That helps YOU to be Happy!! Permanently!

I also give a detailed description of my 
Birthday Cake Analogy™ 
This explains why the personal development techniques that you're trying at home are NOT 
giving you permanent results. 
Like books, meditations etc.. 

It also explains why a lot of 
other life coaches techniques, 
DO NOT work permanently. 
If you want to get to a state 
of on-going inner peace and happiness. 

There is not time like the present..

Available for a limited time only!
My mission is to help raise the happiness level of the world.  
I'm planning to do this through working with women over 35, that are determined and courageous.
I will teach them techniques, and give them tools, that will enable them to achieve a high level of happiness, and to be able to maintain it permanently. 
I will encourage them to be a catalyst for change within their families, professional networks, social circles and their communities.

Lots of Love

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