Amelia Love is 40 years old, and originally from London, England.
She was in the music and entertainment industry for nearly two decades.
During that time she had serious health issues, that kept her bed bound for years at a time. She used that time to study and learn from some of the greatest spiritual teachers and experts as well as gaining information about different religions, psychology, nutrition, self-help and herbs.

Upon regaining her health, her hunger for knowledge only increased and she became determined to understand where happiness comes from and most importantly what prevents it. She reached a level that some would call enlightenment in 2011, and has maintained unshakable peace every since. Having read over 1000 books, practiced 100's of meditation and affirmation techniques over the years. and she spent over 20,000 hours studying in total. Because of this her knowledge is very wide and quite extensive.

She now owns a very successful coaching company, that specializes in helping women over 35 years old that are determined and courageous to become happy!! Permanently! using her 5 step Diamond Process™. Her clients range from stay at home mothers, television anchors, IT professionals to fashion designers. This FREE Case Study shows you how you can become happy permanently!! What are you waiting for? Dive in, its FREE!.. 

"You can live the life of your dreams"

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